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Guided Wave Technology develops and manufactures filters and passive microwave components for use in radar- and communication systems, remote sensing, research and radio astronomy.


Filter analysis and coupling matrix synthesis tool - PC edition

          Synthesis of coupling matrices for Chebyshev filtering functions, with prescribed finite-position transmission zeroes.

Gives a fast and accurate overview of insertion loss, isolation, group delay and coupling coefficients versus filter order, return loss and transmission zero positions.

Allows placement of complex transmission zeroes for group delay shaping.

Stand-alone version for PC




General Topology Coupling Matrix Synthesizer - Online edition

This tool ends soon! Last available day - Feb. 29'th 2016


Similar tool to our PC edition. Free and online but with limited user interface, functionality and speed.


Enter the General Online Topology Coupling Matrix Synthesis section.

        Online - Waveguide Bandpass Filter Designer
        This tool ends soon! Last available day - Feb. 29'th 2016



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This section gives you access to design and analysis tools for rectangular waveguide filters, based on exact electromagnetic field theory. One of the best and most efficient methods for analyzing waveguide filters is the mode-matching technique, which gives very accurate results if a sufficient number of waveguide modes is included.

Enter The Waveguide EM Filter Analysis and Design section.


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